Asset management

CAIFC Asset Management offers a wide range of investment products tailored for different asset classes and investment strategies of investors. It currently manages five funds, including:

  • CAIFC Equity Fund;
  • CAIFC Growth Fund;
  • CAIFC Venture Fund;
  • Alem Capital (Equity & Property Fund);
  • CAIFC Real Estate Fund (newly established).

Our clientele base includes institutions, individuals and financial intermediaries in the region and they have been enjoying outstanding performance and high yields from their investments in our Funds. The range of investment solutions provided by our funds offers scope and scale for achieving investment objectives of our clients.

Over years CAIFC Asset Management has built trust and exceeded the expectations of its clients thanks to superior performance, customized investment solutions, excellent infrastructure and dedicated team.

Our funds pursue conservative approach and invest in public and private equities and fixed income securities of companies operating in various sectors of the economies of Kazakhstan and other CIS countries. Our key industries are:

  • oil and gas;
  • metals;
  • financial services;
  • telecom;
  • retail;
  • food and beverages.

Risk management team cognizes funds’ exposure to the relevant social, political, regulatory and currency risks in the mandate regions. Hence, we maintain perfect balance of risks and expected returns to achieve our primary objective  providing our investors with long term capital growth via investing in sectors and companies that have highest growth potential.

All investment decisions are made on the basis of deep fundamental analysis in touch with current market conditions. Professional and dedicated team uses the expertise of analysts of affiliated companies as well as research coverage of major investment banks that cover Kazakhstan and entire CIS region.

Our dedicated team has good local expertise and managed to build strong ties with the business community which gives us an edge in picking the best stocks and exploring investment opportunities in our mandate countries.