CAIFC Research provides its clients with industry-leading research products on companies, industries and sectors.

During the course of 15 years of successful operations, CAIFC Research has gained a reputation for providing reliable, high quality and in-depth analysis with a strong commitment to objective and fundamental research products which are delivered on regular basis.

The research team mainly focuses on large and mid-cap companies operating in key sectors of the economies of Kazakhstan and other CIS countries. The main objective is to identify the fastest growing companies and sectors with substantial long term growth prospects.

We continuously search attractive opportunities in broader industries and initiate coverage of attractive companies operating in them, thus differentiating industry expertise and increasing the products range.

CAIFC Research’s team comprised of dedicated and experienced analysts and as pursuant to the corporate policy they are encouraged and supported to further develop their skills via participating in various international events and taking master classes in the world’s leading financial centers which ensure the highest quality of our research products.